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Feature request - Export Playlist Text, Sort Playlists


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  • Tony

    Thanks for the suggestions Andrea.   

    We have had the request to provide the songs in a Playlist as text. it is on the list of future features.  Please add and specific format you would like. 

    For sorting, you are looking for a way to see and play all the songs in several Playlists with headings and sort within the playlists by another key like most recently played: 

    List 1
      Song 1
      Song 2
    List 2
      Song 4 
      Song 3 

    Song 4 was played last then Song 1. You can currently sort all the songs several playlists by using the automatically created playlist for all songs in a folder, but no way for two tiered sorting.   This is an interesting idea.     




  • Andrea Pluhar

    Yes! That precisely what I had in mind, a tiered sorting option. :) That way I could easily see what I needed to work on now and what I need to have in mind for later, etc. 

    I could see using two list exports- one to a csv that I could load into a spread sheet, and one in a pdf that I could send off to someone. A simple txt file could work too. If it had dates and playlists and other metadata form Anytune that could be useful. I personally would most likely only use dates and playlists. 

    I work in Anytune almost everyday, fyi, though I might not be your most sophisticated user.  I have 195 tunes, 1178 marks, for a duration of 6:37:26. Earliest tune added 4/4/2018. 

  • Tony

    Thank you Andrea!    I am glad Anytune is helping.  We are in the middle of some big projects to make new features easier. Your requests will not likely be implemented soon, but when the changes are in place we will be able to move much faster. 


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