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corrupted songs


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    Anytune reports "corrupt" if the file cannot be opened.   This could happen if the file is not supported, the file type in its name doesn't match the contents, or the file cannot be opened. 

    Please send us the file and we will tell you why it cannot play.

    Anytune can play MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG4, AAC, M4A files and audio from common video formats. Anytune will strip the audio portion from any video file that you import. Anytune does not display video.

    You can try deleting the corrupt version from Anytune > All Tunes and obtaining another copy from iTunes. 

    1. Launch iTunes Store app (You may need to search for it)
    2. Tap the More category and select Purchased > Music
    3. Find your song and Download by tapping Download button. 

    Anytune cannot play Apple Music of Spotify streamed songs

    Anytune shows the "Song Protected" message when the Music Library tells us the file is protected and does not provide a path to the file. Anytune cannot play protected songs including Apple Music songs. 

    Sometimes Apple downloads a protected version of a song that you own.  You can re-download non-protected versions of songs you purchased from iTunes for free directly to your device. This may happen if you play a song from Browse that is not in your library, or when restoring a new device.  See Cannot play Protected songs.






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