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exporting playlists from Time machine to new Mac

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    Hi Ken,  See Moving Anytune to a new Mac.

     Your Anytune data is saved to a Container which is usually moved to your new Mac as part of Apple's process: How to move your content to a new Mac:

    If you have saved audio files directly to Anytune you can move the "Container" to the new Mac. 

    Mac Applications save their internal data to a "Container".   If you have saved songs directly into Anytune, you can manually move the container from one Mac to another. Anytune's container is ~/Library/Containers/com.anystonetech.Anytune-Mac.  

    If it is just playlist definitions, Anytune allows you to save your song data (settings, lyrics, notes and marks), for all or a single song, to iCloud or a file.  This allows you to share your music meta data across your devices or with your friends. 

    Anytune does not save your song files to iCloud, it only saves the data. Data syncing works like a backup and restore. First, backup your song data, then restore the song data to matching songs on whichever device has the same song files. The songs must be there first. 

    See "Sharing (Syncing) Song Data" for the details on iOS. Same applies to Mac.

    Restore data on Mac

    1. Make sure the songs on your old Mac are now on your new Mac
    2. Tap Cloud , OR
       File > Config Import > Import From iCloud... in Anytune on your new Mac
    3. Look for the most recent Backup
    4. Click Restore All

    Contact us if you are still having trouble. 

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