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NOT playing the next title in the queue


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    Sorry Kai, 

    Yes agreed. The "Repeat" and "Stop at End of Song" settings did not make it into this update.   

    If you are working on a song Tap Repeat Song and optionally Pause at End to stay on the one track. 

    Without these options the queue causes problems as you identified. :(. Our bad.   

    You can Long Tap a song in the Queue and delete all but the one you are working on.  Sorry. I bumped the repeat and pause settings to the top of the work queue. 






  • Kai W

    We're getting closer.. but if I use "Pause at End" I cant restart the current song by using the Play button.

    The button changes from play to pause symbol, but the playback doesn't start. I have to into the Waveform and have to move the cursor to another postion (by sliding or by going to a marker position)


  • Tony

    Hi Kai,   Sorry for that.  The next update due very soon, includes a bunch of improvement to the queue and this behaviour. The queue has some problems we are working on. 

    Are you playing local files or streams?   If you have a screen recoding app it would be great tom see your specific scenario.  The Pause at End should, and does fo us, move the playhead to the beginning of the next song (current song if repeat song is on).   


    Thanks for the feedback. 


  • Kai W

    Hi Tony,

    I tried again this weekend and couldn't reproduce this bahaviour. I'll keep an eye on it and let you know if it happens again


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