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Import songs from online storage


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  • Commento ufficiale

    Most apps on Android including Dropbox and Drive allow you to "Open with..." or "Play with..." which will pass the song to Anytune. Anytune on Android supports this now. Please let us know if you encounter a file sharing app that doesn't present Anytune as an option to "Open with..." or "Play with...".   This should be working now and will save a copy into Anytune's Imported Folder. 

  • craig madeiros

    Good to know. I think I am just used to the features on my old iphone. Thanks for the quick response.

  • William Lanckman

    Very happy with this Android version but I don't see a possibility to import directly from OneDrive (Anytune does not appear in the list of apps to which I can share an MP3).

    I can of course download it from Onedrive and import it from local storage but it would be nice to have this feature.


  • Tony

    Open the audio file in the OneDrive app and Tap "Share", then tap "Send files" and Anytune is an option. Hope this helps. 


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