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Open Project from Overview without playing


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    Thanks. You can Tap the Project in the project list to reveal the action menu and "Open Project".  Are you looking to avoid the opening of the project properties to access "Open Project"?   

    Once a project has been created, tapping the project will open the project details / action list.  This includes Play Now and Open project (without playing). This will be available for the currently loaded project in the next update (0.6).  We will also "Add to Queue" and "Play Next" and "Play in Queue". There will be a similar action list when selecting new songs from your library in a future update as well. 

    We are planing to offer a Setting to switch the button on project rows from "Play Now" to More (or Project properties), in which case Tapping the Project will Play Now.   We want to limit the touch points to Row or Button on right.  Other feedback has requested larger simpler interface to make it easier to hit the buttons while playing.     



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