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No lyrics in New update 4.5.2 Versión




  • Official comment

    There appears to be a bug in Apple's Music app such that changing and syncing custom lyrics does not update the file on other devices as you would expect.

    When modifying custom lyrics and manually syncing your device (or using “Add to Device”), the updated audio file is NOT download to your device! You must un-sync and then sync for the file on your device to be updated so that the Music and Anytune apps can display the Lyrics. See Lyrics.

    I have opened a bug report with Apple, I encourage you to do the same @

     When using the iCloud Music Library the lyrics are updated as expected.  This behaviour is seen in iOS 14 and macOS 11. 

    Anytune requires reloading the song or Edit >“Reload Lyrics” to update lyrics. The Music App on iOS requires reloading the song or Tapping the Lyrics button to update. See  Lyrics

    >> Could this be the problem you are encountering?  Are you manually syncing your songs to your iPad?  

    Please try un-sycning and re-syncing the songs with Lyrics and then looking for the updates lyrics in the Apple Music and Anytune apps.

  • Serge Ber

    Hello, I'm having the same problem. By "un-sync" you mean to lose all my ipad's music library with the embedded lyrics? Is there a more realistic solution? Can I revert to an older version of your app? 

  • Tony

    Anytune is reading the lyrics from the file. The problem is that changing the lyrics in the Music app on your PC/Mac and syncing does not update the audio file on your iPad.  Changing the lyrics used to update the lyrics but the behaviour has changed.  

    You must delete (un-sync) the audio file on your iPad so that it will sync the updated file to your iPad. 

    Un-syncing removes the audio files copied from your Music Library to your iPad. 

    Try removing one song from your iPad and re-sync it to your device. 

    An older version of Anytune would not help.  The audio file Anytune is reading to get the lyrics is not being updated on your device. This is a Apple Music bug. 







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