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How to remove bottom "Anytune Bar' that takes up 6th screen!



  • Official comment

    I think you are referring to the Ad Banner Bar. The free version is ad supported.  Remove the Ad Banner and get Custom Skins and Settings, On-Screen Volume Control and Airplay by purchasing the Basic ($1.99US) Pack. 

    See Anytune IOS and MacOS product descriptions:

    Anytune (free) allows you to add the 4 feature packs and 2 Add-ons incrementally as you need them. Anytune Pro+ is the premium version including all the Pro+ features (4 feature packs). 

    • Basic ($1.99US) Ads Removed  Custom Skins and Settings, On-Screen Volume Control and Airplay
    • Pro ($4.99US) Unlimited Audiomarks, Step-It-Up Interval Trainer, Fine Adjust Tempo and Pitch , Music Gain and Pan Control , Delayed Playback Start, & Transcribe Mode
    • Studio ($4.99US) HQ Audio Quality, ReFrame, FineTouchEQ, LiveMix, Fade-In/Fade-Out, Play Next
      Note: These packs are incremental. Basic is a prerequisite for Pro, and Pro for Studio
    • Import ($2.99US)- Files, Dropbox, WiFi, Open-In, E-Mail, AudioCopy

    You can incrementally add the BasicProStudio and the Import feature packs to Anytune FREE as you need them. Basic is a prerequisite for Pro, and Pro for Studio These capabilities are all included in Anytune Pro+ and Anytune Mac.

     Anytune Basic + Pro + Studio + Import =  Anytune Pro+

  • Howard Sloane

    You should upgrade your account. It’s worth every cent

  • Gordon Ganderton

    I have upgraded (Newbie) and presumably using version 2.4.1 on my Mac.





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