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Two questions import/export audiomarks



  • Official comment

    When you Tap Share, choose  "Export Song" and choose "Original Song" and "Email" the resulting Email will include BOTh the unaltered audio file and the Anytune Config file (.atcfg) as two attachments. 

    On Gmail Tap the atcfg attachment and the Share Button once the file is opened and Anytune should appear. 

    For Apple's Mail app Tap the atcfg attachment and the sharing menu should appear with Anytune as an option.  If you Long Tap the attachment you can choose the Share Button and then Anytune should appear.   

    If Anytune doesn't appear in the share scroll to the end and Tap more.  It should be there and will be on the main list once you use it once. 

    These change release to release but the general idea stays the same. 






  • Fred T-berg

    Thank you for the answer!

    Thing is when I tap the .atcfg file in gmail and then Anytune Pro+ it only says Unsopprted File Type, it doesn't open Anytune. Same thing in Apple's mail app.

  • Tony

    :( J'ai reproduit ceci dans le laboratoire et j'ai ouvert un rapport de bogue à l'équipe de conception pour fournir un correctif. Merci d'avoir pris le temps de signaler ce problème. Très désolé pour le problème. En attendant, vous pouvez enregistrer le fichier sur votre téléphone, iCloud, Dropbox, puis l'importer à partir de là. Appuyez sur Green Plus, choisissez le sélecteur de fichiers et affinez le fichier atcfg que vous venez d'enregistrer, Quelque chose a changé et nous le trouverons et le réparerons. Désolé.






  • Fred T-berg

    Ok, thanks for the answer! Had to google translate it :D

    A follow up question:

    When I export a song and choose original and open in, it only saves the song to the iPad, the marks and settings doesn't, how come?

  • Fred T-berg

    By mistake I sent an original song to the same mail adress I'm logged into on Gmail from the iPad. I didn't receive the mail and when I try to send the mail to other mail adresses it doesn't arrive. Secondly, would it be possible for a draft to be saved in Gmail if you choose not to send the files?

  • Tony

    Unfortunately, while Apple now allows you to set Gmail as your default Email app Gmail doesn't provide a way for an app to send a draft Email to Gmail, at least not that we have found yet.  I suspect it will come. 

    When exporting a song Anytune passes the Email body text and attachments to the Apple Mail app. You must setup the Mail app to export using Email. When you hear the swoosh the mail is sent to the Outbox queued to send. 

    If you are using Gmail you will need to Export the song to Files, iCloud, Dropbox, .... and them attached it to a Gmail from there. 

    Sometimes the a mail server doesn't like the size of an attachment and simply drops the message.

    Not sure why I answer in french weird. 



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