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Speed changes smaller than 1%



  • Official comment

    Hi Michael,    Unfortunately 1% or 0.01X increments is the smallest resolution. I agree there are some instances where a 1% relative tempo adjustment doesn't allow incremental BPM adjustments.     

    We are planning to allow setting specific BPM as an option.  Do you ever envision needing to set a fractional BPM? 

  • Tony

    Yes, currently we are providing the closest full BPM value based on the math of the relative increments.  In the BPM we would allow you to set the BPM and we would calculate and apply the appropriate relative adjustment . 

  • The Magictones

    Hi Tony,

    It is my impression the software rounds the BPM setting after the analysis. Currently the BPM setting is just an information, right?

    If it would not round the value, but rather present whatever fractional value is available after analysis, then it could be a nice idea to slow down or speed up a song by setting the "target BPM". I can envision to change the speed dial into an BPM dial, which would make it more natural to select a new tempo without doing any math. Ah, the original is in 156, let's try this at 120.

    Thank you,

    - Michael


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