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How to save several loops over the same audio file.



  • Official comment

    You can save Marks or Regions. Marks have a single time and define sections. Regions have a Start and Stop time. When you navigate to a Region with Next/Previous buttons the A and B will automatically  move to the start and end of the region. This allows you to save Loops that are not sections.  



  • Joshua Cedar

    I added a "Loop" and then I moved the A and B markers to save another "Loop" but it just changed the original Loop. I'm having trouble figuring this out. Are there any documents or videos that can help me?

  • Tony

    Yes. Have a look at Looping.   

    You can save your loop in a Loopmark. A Loopmark has a start position and an an end position. You can edit the Loopmark's label and and short label and add a note. 

    When navigating through a song and you arrive at a Loopmark, the A and B sliders will automatically be positioned to the start time and end time of the Loopmark.


    to save the A and B locations into a Loopmark (Region). 


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