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Re-Frame MIDI control



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    Thanks Rob. It warms our hearts to know you are using Anytune daily.

    You are right ReFrame can after the Midi.  We didn't hook Reframe into MIDI or ReTune. We did not anticipate using Midi to adjust the isolation level, but we didn't anticipate a lot of uses for some of the features.  We did think that hooking ReFrame it to ReTune would allow you disable ReTune when the vocals didn't need to be removed improving overall quality.  

    The Isolation level is more of a challenge that a simple action or toggle.  For Tempo we have 5 MIDI commands including fine/course increase/decrease tempo and a set tempo which listens for the value.   I have created a feature request for the general case of hooking ReFrame to MIDI and ReTune.     

    Thank you for taking the time to provide a suggestion for Anytune.

     I cannot tell you when this feature may be available at this time. it is not planned and we are currently working on foundational changes with the objective to make adding new features quick and easy. This is a long term investment for future speed. 

    If you have any more suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us anytime





  • Rob Fawcett

    Response appreciated, Tony.


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