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Exporting files from iReal Pro - Importing into Anytune Android



  • Official comment

    Hey Mike,  iReal Pro and the team are great and we have thought about how we can interoperate with the app.   

    If you don't mind please send us the files and describe your workflow. This would help us understand the problem you need solved. 

    I believe iReal Pro lets you export any song also as WAV or AAC which Anytune can play now.  Anytune does not yet play MIDI files. 

  • Mike Reiter

    Hi Tony,

    I will get on our Android tablet which is a Samsung Tab A and look into how to send you one or two files. BTW, I understand that iReal Pro interoperates to some degree with Garage Band. I only mention this as it may provide an alternate path for interoperability with Anytune.

    I can basically describe our workflow. iReal Pro affords us two primary  ways to get the backing tracks that we need.

    The first way is to download tunes from the iReal Pro Forum. Once downloaded we use the app to make modifications and adjustments using musical notation tools and basic computer tools like copy/paste and so forth. We use these tools to add introductions and endings as needed as many of the backing tracks are not intended for live performance. After making these modifications to the downloaded tracks we select instrumentation which is either guitar/organ/piano, along with bass and drums. We also select pitch corrected speed/tempo, key and rhythm. 

    The second way is to use the musical notation tools in iReal Pro and write our own tunes from scratch or from sheet music. Once the tune is written we use the tools I've already described to finalize the finished tune.

    As I indicated, I'll get on our Android tablet, open the app and see about sending you some files to use as examples.



  • Tony

    Thanks Mike! 


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