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Working with marks (deleting, deactivating)



  • Tony


    The A and B Sliders select the looping region. This is what will be looped when Looping is enabled. See Looping on iOS which is very similar. The A and B Sliders are pseudo marks, so that navigating through the song with the Next Mark and Previous Mark actions the playhead will stop at the A and B sliders as if they are marks. There are also virtual marks at the beginning and end of the song.  

    When Autoloop enabled the A and B sliders will automatically move to the Marks immediately surrounding the playhead.  This makes it easy to loop a section defined by Marks but difficult to loop across to sections. 

    1. Disable Autoloop
    2. Navigate to Mark 1
    3. Tap A
    4. Navigate to Mark 3 (Next Mark, Next Mark) 
    5. Tap B
    6. Enable Looping 

    In a future update we will be adding a Loop command to the Selection Actions allowing you to select multiple Marks or Sections and loop across all of them. 

    You can save your loop in a Loopmark.  Tap the Add Loomark button.

    A Loopmark has a start position and an an end position. 

    When navigating through a song and you arrive at a Loopmark, the A and B sliders will automatically be positioned to the start time and end time of the Loopmark.  

    Loopmarks are included in the Mark List view allowing you to navigate directly to the Start of any saved loop. 






  • CKKW

    Thank you for your explanation which solves the "issue" for me.

    I simply did not understand this autoloop feature in relation to standard A-B looping. I thought I would need marks for looping which isn't correct.

    As I understand, the loopmark feature you mentioned above adds namable "regions" (independent from marks) which can be useful ... I will try ;-)


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