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Looping enhancements



  • Ryan Proch

    I would love to be able to make it play a small section and NOT repeat. Often I narrow down on a section of just a few notes, and right now it always loops and repeats endlessly, which makes it harder to hear than if I could play it once and have it stop (and then only repeating as necessary). Please let me know if there is already a way to prevent the automatic repeating of loops.

  • Tony

    No not yet, but we have some enhanced looping features in Anytune we are bringing over. 

    You could try using Replay with Start Playback ON. 

    1. Tap and Hold the Replay button to reveal related settings. 
    2. Set the time to the size of the loop (section you are listening to)
    3. Tap Pause to stop at end, and Tap Replay to restart at beginning. 
    4. Repeat to listen to the same spot. 

    A little awkward, but you can then work your way through the song listening to section by section. 

    Better looping controls coming. 




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