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Auto-Sync iTunes / Music app Libraries - Anytune 2.3 and greater



  • andreas.fischlin

    This article is not bad, but what I am missing is more explanation of what is going on if I activate setting "Automatically sync with iTunes when you switch to Anytune". What is happening if this checkbox is unchecked, what if it is checked? I do not use Apple match and all my music files, a huge collection, comes from my CD collection and own recordings that have nothing to do with Apple music. I have in my music studio a single server in which I can maintain my music collection based on iTunes. But Anytune works only on a laptop Mac, where I have only excerpts of my music collection in iTunes. I therefore need to know what Anytune is really doing with the audio files depending on the aforementioned checkbox setting.

    Finally, my anytune has also a button 'Export Library Data'. I have from this article no clue what that button is about. Which library? The Anytune library or the iTunes library? What is exported to where, from iTunes to Anytune or in the other direction?

  • andreas.fischlin

    Many thanks for this excellent explanation and support. Exactly what I needed to understand what Anytune is doing precisely.

  • Tony

    Anytune must now ask the Music app what is in your library to display it to you. Anytune can do this automatically whenever you switch to Anytune, or manually with a refresh button. With "Automatically sync with iTunes when you switch to Anytune" enabled Anytune asks the Music app what is in your music library whenever Anytune it comes to the foreground. If you have a large library this may take some time.   If you have a very large library, (more than 10k songs) you can disable this setting and click the refresh button whenever you add a new song to your library you want Anytune to see. 

    Anytune can play music directly from your library or the files location, or Anytune can create a copy of imported songs inits own container. See "Importing to Anytune Mac" in Adding music.

    The 'Export Library Data' button dumps the data we receive from the Music app to files so we can ensure Anytune is displaying the data correctly.  It is for debugging and you do not need to use it. 

    I updated the article. 




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