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Purchase old/legacy (last supported) version of Anytune for older (non-current) OS / device



  • Luis Montoya

    I have been an anytune user since 2015.  I currently run macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6.   I cannot upgrade my macOS due to some incompatibilities in plugins that i use in Protools.  This past week I updated anytune, and it won't open anymore.  Tried to download an older version of anytune in the App Store, when i click the update button it shows the following message: "The current version requires OS X 10.14.6 or later, but you can download  the lates compatible version"; the message has 2 buttons "Cancel" and "Download", when I click download nothing happens and I'm in an infinite loop until I click cancel.  Please Help! 

  • Tony

    Very sorry for the trouble.  

    We maintain support for as many past macOS versions as we can.    
    Anytune 2.3.9 supports macOS 10.13.6.

    We had hoped Anytune 2.4 could would support macOS 10.13.6 as well, but there is a problem. The problem you encountered. :(  We are investigating the supporting for macOS 10.13.6, but it appears this may not be possible. 

    Please restore 2.3.9 from Time Machine if you can.   Anytune 2.3.9 may be the last version for macOS 10.13.6.  
    We will include 10.13.6 as a compatible OS in the future if we find a way.

    1. Go to your Applications folder and move "" to Trash. 
    2. Click Time Machine on the menu bar.
    3. Choose "Enter Time Machine"
    4. Go back in time to before Anytune was updated. Before May 19th. 
    5. Right-Click on and Choose 'Restore"" to...'
    6. Choose the /Applications folder

    You will now have Anytune 2.3.9 back. 


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